Penalties 03/24/2011
Hey guys, i just want to point out some rules

1. Caught using a setup other than the whole league is using  (kicked out of the league)
2. Wreckless driving (warning = 25 point deduction, multiple offenses = kicked out of the league)

Thats all i can think of for now haha, so if you guys have any ideas, tell me and i might add it



03/24/2011 14:58:47

I like the rules so far and think maybe we should you use nascar rules. I also have a question about like when we pit can we adjust tire pressure, wedge, and all the stuff you can adjust or not?


billy (miz2ou)

03/24/2011 15:08:29

um maybe, we will see what the rest of the league thinks.



03/24/2011 23:16:25

i would be up for changing tire pressure wedge and that stuff during a pit stop. the guys can do it in a nascar race and i think we should be able to here


billy (miz2ou)

03/25/2011 12:10:28

yeah the only thing is some people know a lot less about cars and changing all that stuff, as other people in this league who actually race real cars. But anyway if we all use the same setup that is really good, there shouldnt be much need for it. but well see what everyone thinks



03/25/2011 17:09:24

we should use all the same setup to have a driver challlenge



03/26/2011 11:02:21

I think everyone should use the same setups or settings that way everything is equal. Also I would prefer a little more time than 3 days before racing to get adjusted to the new game....just my thoughts but I'll make due.
Also foul language shouldn't be tolerated since I see a couple younger people that are under 16 in the league...also I don't think the mic should be a requirement since sometimes it causes lags. I personally will have a headset on but I don't talk when playing, I usually have the mic turned off.


billy (miz2ou)

03/26/2011 12:05:38

hey thanks for your input, and yes we will try and limit the bad language. But yeah we dont have to use them during the race, but i would prefer if people would have them on so if they need to be told something. We will have 5 days before the first non official race, and 6 days before the first real race on sunday. And i changed everything to tmoneywon. So dont worry about the cleveland clone



03/26/2011 12:26:33

seb can you go on xbox and reply to my message, just to know everythings good



03/27/2011 06:51:07

Thanks I assume that we all try to race good/fairly clean (rubbin's racing...right)
Then it all goes out the window last lap?????

I don't mind some bumping and "Racing incidents" but flat out wrecking people every lap that's a no no.

But I think anything should go last lap??? Is that ok?



03/28/2011 11:41:51

yeah just good clean racing, rubbing a bit, but wreckless driving and cutting infront of people (when you know it will cause a wreck)is unacceptable. But yeah on the last lap, im doing anything to win.



03/28/2011 16:51:11

Will there be black flags


billy (miz2ou)

03/28/2011 16:59:11

yes there will be full flags, and tracks like watkins glenn where there is that part with sharp right turn then shart left, if you jsut go straight you can take shortcut, you will be penalized for that in some way,



03/28/2011 21:09:59

Okay thnks that might be a problem 4 me but I don't cut across the grass Kay thanks 4 info man


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