Hey guys so we originally scheduled the Daytona shootout for tonight at 8:30 PM central. I am going to stick to that because i have raced online and their has been only one lobby out of like 10 that has been awful. So race is tonight at 8:30 pm central, after the race we will then decide if we are going to start the league season tomorrow with the Daytona 500.


Xx black majic

04/02/2011 16:04:59

How many laps are you doing for the bud shootout tonight?



04/02/2011 16:22:48

i dont know yet. What do you think we should do?



04/02/2011 16:36:36

I think we should 50 laps that should be enough to get a feel for the game.



04/02/2011 18:33:06

hey guys where gonna have to postpone it. I just lost power at my house of course. So if you guys want to race with eachother then go ahead. I'm sending this from my iPhone. Once I get power back I will get on my laptop and plan more


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