The first official race of our league will be on Sunday, April 3rd. It is the Daytona 500. We will be holding the shootout at Daytona on  March 30th, two days after the release just as a test for all of the drivers and everything else. The shootout is not mandatory but i would like for everyone to be there so people can get a feel for the drivers, especially their own teammates. Right now I'm debating on one or two races a week. Comment on your opinion.


Joe ryan

03/11/2011 21:33:17

One race a week Sunday nights!! Sounds real good


Billy (MIZ2OU)

03/12/2011 06:11:38

ok cool, do you think that we shouldnt race the full 26 races plus 10 chase? and do a little bit shortened schedule? or she we keep it at a full schedule, because it might take too long for people.


Joe Ryan

03/12/2011 12:34:57

I think you should run it at the full scedual so we can get the effect of the whole NASCAR series!



03/13/2011 06:06:40

i m agree with Joe



03/15/2011 11:18:33

I think for the shootout it will be better to do with the game setup learn each other to run together and be able to have a great control of the car because is a new game and new compagny produce this game.What you think


Billy (MIZ2OU)

03/15/2011 14:56:39

What do you mean to do the game setup?


Seb (sebeaudry)

03/16/2011 10:54:06

make the shootout with the game daytona car setup


Billy (MIZ2OU

03/16/2011 16:16:05

haha i still dont know what you mean. sorry. Are you saying like do the same amount of laps? give every car the same setup? or what


Joe Ryan

03/16/2011 21:21:01

He means give everybody the same standard daytona setup for the shootout race so everyone is even and see how that all goes you know. Are you going to be running the standard shootout amount of laps if not how many are you going to run?



03/17/2011 11:15:43

Yes the same standard daytona setup for the shootout race so everyone thanks Joe loll


Billy (MIZ2OU)

03/17/2011 16:55:14

Haha gotcha. How many % of laps do you think we should do?


Joe Ryan

03/17/2011 20:52:54

I think for all of the races it should be a full 100% race but for the shootout something around 75 laps I guess what does anyone else think? By the way this is xx black majic


Billy (MIZ2OU)

03/18/2011 13:35:03

nah no one is going to want to do a race that will last 3 hours. No one wants to sit their for that long. People have told me that.


Joe Ryan

03/18/2011 14:37:18

O ok



03/18/2011 15:50:43

I think we should all have the set up for every race and let the best driver win not who can set up car and who cant decide the results. I think we should do the whole schedule but not at 100% do like 50% or whatever it will be to have to make a pit stop. Thats just my opinion. I like one race a week too. Sunday nights would be cool.


Billy MIZ2OU

03/18/2011 19:30:05

Yeah Joe Ryan i would like to do full races every once in a while too, its just i dont think people want to commit to that, and comet yeah i agree, the best driver should win not the person with the best setup, but we do need to find really good setups to share with the whole league so everyone has a good setup. I believe we will be running the races somewhere between 25-50. maybe 35 or 40 percent for compromise


Joe Ryan

03/18/2011 23:35:55

I think you should do at least 50 percent in my opinion but it's your call just giving my opinion.


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