Hey guys, i want to know what you guys think of the game? I bought it but i dont have time to play it tonight  and will maybe be able to tomorrow.

Hey guys i barely had time to get on tonight, the release day, so i started a 40 lapper, and got wrecked on my first race. It was on very hard settings, the 2nd hardest, and when you see me wobble at times, thats just me looking away or screwing with something trying to figure things out. At first I was using an old wheel because my new one still has not been shipped, and it was too sensitive so i changed to controller.I had to go and quit though because i was short on time and didnt want to race it running in last. But this game looks awesome and can't wait. 




03/29/2011 18:37:26

It sucks so bad.


billy (miz2ou)

03/29/2011 18:39:56

are you serious? i was told its really good, its just the online is broken for the xbox right now, will get patched



03/29/2011 18:45:57

Yeah I like the career mode it's just online right now



03/29/2011 18:51:16

yeah i hear the racing is awesome, and some say its people who havent downloaded the day 1 patch screwing it up, because apparantly people do get into good matches with good quality, and ps3 is working good i hear. So there should be a patch out soon. If online does suck for us, causing us not to race right away in the league, we will push back the dates a bit



03/29/2011 19:11:09

Okay thanks for the info when are u getting the game



03/29/2011 19:47:06

i have it, i just actually went down and raced 1 race, didnt finish because didnt have time, but i did a 40 lapper at daytona, lets just say i still had to figure some things out, i ordered a wheel for the game but it still hasnt come, so i had an old one i tried and it was extremely loose to start, so went to a controller, that ones joystick was messed up, so i had to switch to another one haha. But i will be uploading the race to youtube here shortly and will post a link on the website



03/29/2011 21:30:10

Okay you should come race with me and some of the other guys and the wheel isn't to good 4 this game



03/30/2011 00:24:50

I think the game is awesome, I have not played online yet but offline is cool. I am being honest this whole bump drafting thing keeps wrecking me lol. Once I relearn how to draft I will be good.



03/30/2011 00:52:52

i jumped online and its horrible. i have seriously thought of taking this game back and getting my money. i am that disapointed with the game.



03/30/2011 02:05:40

Comet I think I invited u to come play with me and gleam



03/30/2011 04:40:13

The offline racing though is awesome guys, so once the patch comes out for online, everything will be okay.



03/30/2011 05:59:36

yeah i am out. i took the game back this morning



03/30/2011 07:55:31

Got it, tried it, really bad at Daytona keep getting spun out. Be doing great minding my business, drafting....can only push. But then someone out of no where slams me and spins me out....way too frustrating. The CPU cars all handle great mine not so great?????
Can't use a wheel w/ this game at all...sawing the wheel to go down straightaways????? Gonna play it as much as possible today and see how it goes.

As far as online I haven't tried it but def want to try later in the week when I have the time. Def delay the league until an online patch comes out....that's my 2 cents.



03/30/2011 17:38:02

in my opinion this game is awesome. I think youll regret it vernon



03/30/2011 18:05:30

yup, ill be most likely be able to be on a lot tomorrow, so we can try out a race with lots of us and see how it goes, but yeah the league is most likely delayed until an online patch comes out, or it actually is a good connection between all of us.



03/31/2011 18:54:09

hahahahaha trash billy.



03/31/2011 19:04:13

haha Charlie whaaaat?


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