Hey guys we now have 8 people. We will definitely have a full 16 driver league by the time the game is released.  Also by then we will have the schedule put out, and all of the official league rules. But what this post is about is just for you guys to give me any suggestions. Just anything, from what i should put on the website, to anything related in the game, etc. And when do you think the league should start? A few days after release, the first monday, tuesday etc. (whatever we choose for the day of race days) after the release. Thanks guys.

03/09/2011 06:14

i think we should start the season at least 1 week after the release just for anyone have the full control of his car and try some set up if we can made setup and learn the game in general for more fun to race with everyone in the league.You can made a place where we can post setup for the leaugue for everyone try it and after made a poll to know if is a good setup for everyone and anyone can put commentary about this setup.

03/09/2011 15:22

aight yeah i like that idea, ill make a setup page


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