Hey guys, i am going to have to change the date of the shootout to another date, either 7:30 PM Central Time on Thursday or 7:30 PM Central Time on Saturday. Something urgent has come up for me and so i must be there. This is the only time a race will be changed, if it was a season race i wouldn't be changing it. But i need your guys' opinion on some things. Should the damage be visual only or full damage (my vote for full damage, get rewarded for good driving). And should the whole league use one setup for each track? or just do no setups (my vote for whole league use one setup) Also, once the game comes out, we all need to look for good setups to share with the league for the first track Daytona, so hopefully we can get a good setup for the shootout.

03/19/2011 04:12

dont worry,i prefer saturday

03/19/2011 15:31

I would prefer saturday and one set up for the league and full damage especially since we cant blow engines. I think full damage will keep people from racing dirty all the time and have to pass with good driving skills instead.

Billy (MIZ2OU
03/19/2011 16:11

Yeah I agree comet. And it's official. 8:30 pm central time on Saturday. It's not mandatory but i would like for you guys to be there. We have one open spot left in the league.

03/19/2011 18:31

im totally agree with comet2003

Billy (MIZ2OU)
03/19/2011 18:55

And i will not be getting home until around 8:20 on saturday, so ill rush down and get on and make the session

Ryan (RyanZinger)
03/20/2011 10:56

I agree no setup and full damage also

03/22/2011 20:12

i prefer full damage and one setup


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