Since my power and a few others went out last night, what do you think we should do? delay the start of the league till next week? or start the daytona 500 tonight with no practice with each other. Vote on the poll below.

04/03/2011 11:44

If we do the 500 today what time would it be at? Im down for whatever. Im just ready to race.

04/03/2011 14:19

What caused the power to go out anyways?

04/03/2011 14:38

Never figured it out. Wasn't a storm

04/03/2011 15:19

I def would prefer to have it next week.
1-I need more practice, wasn't expecting not being able to use the wheel....I have a Logitec FX DRIVE and a Brand New MS wheel and both wont' work w/ Nascar 2011

2-WRESTLEMANIA----need I say more...just kidding forgot it's on and the Kids wanted to watch it, so I ordered it.

3- Def would like to do some practice. Haven't gotten online at all with this game yet.

04/03/2011 15:39

I think we should practice first so we should go next weekend and give everyone time to practice and give them time to maybe get a patch out for the online stuff. They are working hard on the patch I heard and could be out this week.


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