Hey guys i want to put a prize in this league for winning or 2nd and 3rd or something. Any ideas what the prize should be? It also might keep everyone interested in the league and driving fairly with a prize at the end. Also, with the game being released in less than a week, I hope i will be able to race with you guys some online before the start of our season. The first race is on Saturday at 8:30 PM Central, it is not mandatory but i would like for you guys to be there, and then the first official race is on Sunday at 7:30 PM Central. This race is mandatory. I will be sending a message on xbox to make sure everyone that has signed up for the league still wants race, so that we will have 16 drivers for the first race.

03/23/2011 22:50

I dont know about a prize after every race but maybe something at the end of the season for the points champ. What the prize might be I dont know thats something to think about.

billy (miz2ou)
03/24/2011 05:46

yeah sorry i didnt put that in there, that is what i meant. But we need to figure something out

03/24/2011 14:56

Maybe you could print out a certificate that say your the champ and then one for second and third. You could also build little trophy out of wood nothing to detailed so we dont have to put money into except maybe shipping to the person that won.

03/26/2011 11:12

I could donate some prizes,
I have a huge Nascar Memorbillia and Sports card collection, Over 1000 autos and raced used items.

Let me know if you guys collect autographed Nascar items and
Pack pulled Nascar autos and
race used items.

03/28/2011 16:54

Maybe u can give the team that wins Microsoft points or something like that or the chance to pick who u want to be first next season what do u think or just a little trophy


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