Patch Update 05/04/2011
They said the patch will be probably released in 2 - 3 weeks. Once it is, we will start up the league, i have not been able to post frequently because i have been eeexxtrremely busy the past month with practice, work, and other things. Once the patch is released all of this should be over with, so i will be able to check up with all you guys on if you are still down to race in the league. But if you do want to race still post a comment so i know.



05/06/2011 21:21:43

Im ready just let me know when the league start thanks


06/04/2011 14:54:53

Hey man. Looking for an online league and didnt know if you had all of your spots filled. My email is If there is a spot contact me. If you need a xbox gamertag its SmokeAlot16


Jeremy (GT = Pizza Rolls)

06/12/2011 21:36:16

Me and a buddy are interested in joining a racing league. message me on xbox live the details. Pizza Rolls is the GT.



07/22/2011 01:33:46

Hey I was interested in the racing league, if there is still a spot open message me on XBL @ Red2881



09/05/2011 02:29:53

hey i would like to join the league plz reply if there is any availability for this season thanks


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