Patch Update 05/04/2011
They said the patch will be probably released in 2 - 3 weeks. Once it is, we will start up the league, i have not been able to post frequently because i have been eeexxtrremely busy the past month with practice, work, and other things. Once the patch is released all of this should be over with, so i will be able to check up with all you guys on if you are still down to race in the league. But if you do want to race still post a comment so i know.
Hey guys, the league has been postponed till after the patch, but i have full confidence that we WILL be starting it then. Im excited for this league. Check a link below to see what they fixed, it is a lot. 

Hey guys i have been really busy recently, rarely being home for more that a few hours at a time. So do you guys want to start the league this weekend? or move it until the patch #2 is released, which will fix almost everything, Then we will have a stable league.

Hey guys check your XBOX Live messages 
Since my power and a few others went out last night, what do you think we should do? delay the start of the league till next week? or start the daytona 500 tonight with no practice with each other. Vote on the poll below.
Hey guys so we originally scheduled the Daytona shootout for tonight at 8:30 PM central. I am going to stick to that because i have raced online and their has been only one lobby out of like 10 that has been awful. So race is tonight at 8:30 pm central, after the race we will then decide if we are going to start the league season tomorrow with the Daytona 500.
Hey guys, i want to know what you guys think of the game? I bought it but i dont have time to play it tonight  and will maybe be able to tomorrow.

Hey guys i barely had time to get on tonight, the release day, so i started a 40 lapper, and got wrecked on my first race. It was on very hard settings, the 2nd hardest, and when you see me wobble at times, thats just me looking away or screwing with something trying to figure things out. At first I was using an old wheel because my new one still has not been shipped, and it was too sensitive so i changed to controller.I had to go and quit though because i was short on time and didnt want to race it running in last. But this game looks awesome and can't wait. 

As most of you know, i have sent messages to you on XBOX Live. Here is who i have heard back from that they are racing, if your name isn't on the list then you need to go on xbox and respond. Thanks

LEAGUE IS FULL... This is the final list of people in the league

In League...

#29 Xx bLaCk MaJiC
#31 rainbowkoolaid2
#33 bobobowes64
#16/21 II LiveHard II
#42 Hunkerdown
#99 GleamRiverKilla
#16 RyanZinger
#18 tmoneywon
#20 Hokie20
#39 comet2003
#24 sebeaudry81
#11 xXJDMMessXx
#88 NCMountainman

Have not heard from...

#14 vernbudde (sold game)
Game Info 03/25/2011
Check this out to see what some of the impressions are of the game so far for the one lucky guy that got the game early.
Penalties 03/24/2011
Hey guys, i just want to point out some rules

1. Caught using a setup other than the whole league is using  (kicked out of the league)
2. Wreckless driving (warning = 25 point deduction, multiple offenses = kicked out of the league)

Thats all i can think of for now haha, so if you guys have any ideas, tell me and i might add it