Hey guys i want to put a prize in this league for winning or 2nd and 3rd or something. Any ideas what the prize should be? It also might keep everyone interested in the league and driving fairly with a prize at the end. Also, with the game being released in less than a week, I hope i will be able to race with you guys some online before the start of our season. The first race is on Saturday at 8:30 PM Central, it is not mandatory but i would like for you guys to be there, and then the first official race is on Sunday at 7:30 PM Central. This race is mandatory. I will be sending a message on xbox to make sure everyone that has signed up for the league still wants race, so that we will have 16 drivers for the first race.
Hey guys, i am going to have to change the date of the shootout to another date, either 7:30 PM Central Time on Thursday or 7:30 PM Central Time on Saturday. Something urgent has come up for me and so i must be there. This is the only time a race will be changed, if it was a season race i wouldn't be changing it. But i need your guys' opinion on some things. Should the damage be visual only or full damage (my vote for full damage, get rewarded for good driving). And should the whole league use one setup for each track? or just do no setups (my vote for whole league use one setup) Also, once the game comes out, we all need to look for good setups to share with the league for the first track Daytona, so hopefully we can get a good setup for the shootout.

The first official race of our league will be on Sunday, April 3rd. It is the Daytona 500. We will be holding the shootout at Daytona on  March 30th, two days after the release just as a test for all of the drivers and everything else. The shootout is not mandatory but i would like for everyone to be there so people can get a feel for the drivers, especially their own teammates. Right now I'm debating on one or two races a week. Comment on your opinion.

Hey guys we now have 8 people. We will definitely have a full 16 driver league by the time the game is released.  Also by then we will have the schedule put out, and all of the official league rules. But what this post is about is just for you guys to give me any suggestions. Just anything, from what i should put on the website, to anything related in the game, etc. And when do you think the league should start? A few days after release, the first monday, tuesday etc. (whatever we choose for the day of race days) after the release. Thanks guys.
Hey guys welcome to the league, hopefully we will be able get a good group of people together to start it up, it will be just like the real NASCAR in the way of point system, chase, etc. There will be more information on all of the league later on. As the game will be released on March 29th, 2011. Now i have some questions for you guys. Please comment with your opinion.

1. How long should the season be?

26 (regular season) + 10 (chase)
21 (regular season) + 8 (chase)
16 (regular season) + 6 (chase)
11 (regular season) + 4 (chase)

2. How many races should we have per week?

1 or 2